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Taking Industrial Hemp to
the Next Level

Demystifying cannabis and tapping into its true purpose of making people and the planet sustainable. It's more than what you think it is and will be better than anyone can imagine.

Empowering the Future:
Industrial Hemp's Limitless Possibilities

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GIHS Services

Policy Development and Adoption

GIHS can assist in the development of all-inclusive industrial hemp policies and programs.


We conduct thorough analyses of agricultural, economic, and social factors to help generate policies tailored to a country’s specific needs and goals.

Agronomic Integration and Consulting

The value chain starts with selecting and sourcing a high-quality hemp variety specific to the desirable traits. This stage involves research, development, and breeding to develop hemp varieties suitable for grain and fiber. GIHS will also help our clients determine the necessary inputs from soil to seed to harvest.

Value Chain & Trade Partnership Development

The value chain for industrial hemp encompasses the various stages and processes involved in cultivating, processing, and distributing hemp and its derived products.


It's important to note that the industrial hemp value chain may vary based on regional or even national regulations, market demands, and specific hemp applications. GIHS will help our clients navigate the rapidly growing industry and value chain.

Our Team

Experienced and Global

GIHS brings industry knowledge, cross-cultural competence, and collaborative and diverse backgrounds leveraging the collective experiences to deliver high-quality consulting services.


This diversity fosters a rich knowledge base, a comprehensive approach to problem-solving, and the ability to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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