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Food Worldwide


Hemp IS a super food. It can literally feed and nourish the world.

Hemp is one of the very few crops that are considered a “Superfood”. The nutritional profile of hemp makes it an ideal plant-based protein that can be grown in climates that have little rain, on soils that are worn out, and in rural communities that have few modern amenities. 

A look at how the nutrient dense hemp compares with other food staples speaks for itself. As a nutrient dense natural food that does not require processing, hemp contains all of the essential amino acids and has a unique fatty acid profile that is very similar to fish. Where there is limited food resources then nutrient dense food are essential. 

As a result of hemp being raised around the world for centuries, most countries and environments can grow hemp if legally allowed to do so. In addition, hemp is a sustainable agricultural commodity that sequesters more carbon per acre than any other crop. If farming practices are improved, hemp can be more than sustainable, it is regenerative. 

Not only does hemp provide for a nutritional grain product, the carbon that is sequestered into the soil helps build up soils that have been degraded by poor farming practices raising crops that do nothing to improve the soil they are planted in. 

Hemp can feed the people while it heals the planet!

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