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Policy Development - Exemption Requirements

It is important to note that the specific details of industrial hemp exemptions can vary significantly depending on the legal framework and policies of the jurisdiction in question. GIHS currently works with local ministries, laws and regulatory bodies to educate and help integrate industrial hemp with aligning to developing industry THC thresholds, licensing and regulations, authorized/permitted (i.e., fiber production, seed cultivation, oil extraction and other industrial applications) uses and oversight/compliance (i.e., cultivation, processing, and distribution) developing inspection protocols, testing, reporting and more to maintain eligibility). 


Industrial Hemp Program Development and Implementation

In alignment with existing or new exemption requirements, GIHS offers feasibility studies, agronomic services (soil analysis, variety selection, crop planning and monitoring/growth progress), data management, equipment sourcing and facility design/construction.


Education and Training

GIHS is dedicated to supporting farmers in developing hemp production through extensive education and training services. Our educational programs are designed for all farmers, whether new to hemp cultivation or seeking to enhance their practices. GIHS can work with the ministry, government officials, and investors to develop training modules to provide farmers with the education and training required to cultivate hemp successfully.


Develop Trade Partnerships

GIHS can help facilitate trade partnerships by leveraging our extensive network and market insights to create an environment favorable for hemp trade. We can assist clients in identifying trade opportunities and connecting with global markets.


Get in Touch

To learn more about GIHS and how it supports its clients, please fill out our contact form below or email us at

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